Saturday, 27 June 2009

Silver Spoons

Not only a silver spoon but also a silver bowl, chopsticks, knife, fork and necklace with pendant.

These were gifts from Zixi's brother. The items are all hand made and decorated by the Miao people, known as the H'mong in Vietnam; the Mong in Thailand and the mun lyo-myo in Burma.


Cornelius and Dylan and No.1 of Los Tres Monos. Just hanging out. And a little wave from the D.


Sometimes all it takes is the simplest thing.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Mmm. People.

One of Dylan's latest amusements is people watching. However it appears that his point of view is different from many of us who enjoy le theatre des autres that others perform unbeknownst to us -- different that is save for the cannibals. Dylan seems to think those little people and their candy-coloured vehicles look rather scrumptious. Your napkin sir.

Lil' Kim

In celebation of that crazy woman who keeps firing missiles into the Pacific (Colbert, 2009) I give you Dylan a la dictator.
The sunglasses really conceal the crazy.


Dylan a la dictator has just invaded Monkey Island, claiming the territory has historically been the dominion of man, albeit it when man was ape.
IR pundits are calling this the first use of evolutionary annexation.

Rasperry Monkeys

When Dylan wakes he's the subject of keen observation to which he gives the only suitable response.

Monday, 8 June 2009

The Return

Nearly seven weeks have gone by since I last appeared to you. This absence is thanks to the glorious leaders of China. However, as this blog is devoted to the glory of me, I'll ask my ghost writer to remain silent about this subject until I have figured things out for myself and can provide my own comment.


Dylan Felix Talacko

Seven weeks is a long time in baby terms. Do we back up and go through each week or do we start with today and fill in when necessary?

Let's pick up with this weekend and move forward, filling in the gaps later.

As you've seen, Dylan has had his hair cut. He also now has a seat at the table.